Upcoming Worship Services

Our services are now at 10 a.m. Sundays via Zoom. If anyone would like the link, they can e-mail me at revjdriedel@gmail.com. This is a way we can support one another as we navigate these challenging times safely and with compassion for those who are most vulnerable.


Tuesday Adult Bible Study – 12:00 Noon

What is Liberation Theology? One of the most challenging and lifegiving new ways of thinking about God is a school of Christian thought collectively called ‘liberation theology’. This movement challenges many of our assumptions about politics and religions, urges us to listen to the voices we have often left out of the conversation, and prods us to put our faith into worldchanging action. Each Tuesday noon class will take place over the phone (978- 990-5000 then 283560#) and will feature biographies, challenging questions, and much discussion.


Pick a Topic Sermons

Pastor Jon would like to hear from you about which topics you would like him to featuring during his "Pick a Topic" sermons. If you have a suggestion, you can call…


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