Learning Opportunities

Christian Education is responsible for ensuring opportunity for Christian study and growth for all ages.

  • Noon Forum on Tuesdays – The Five Streams of the United Church of Christ and What’s With All the Hymnals?

    Recently our denomination, the United Church of Christ, corrected an oversight that was long overdue in its correction. We have spoken for years how our church was born from the heart of the ecumenical movement, the coming together of the various parts of the Christian faith. We brought together the Congregational, the Southern Christian, the German Evangelical, and the German Reformed Churches. A fifth stream, both Southern and African American played a hefty but ignored role in that merger as well: the Afro-Christian Churches. I myself never really knew about that part of our traditions and I want to share what I have learned with you. We will be meeting in the prayer room on Tuesdays at noon to review the four streams and to add the history of the fifth to our geography. We will also take a look at why we have so many hymnals.

    Here is a schedule of our classes:
    February 6 – The German Evangelical Church
    February 13 – The German Reformed Church
    February 20 – The Congregationalists
    February 27 – The Christian Church
    March 5 – The Afro-Christian Churches
    March 12 – The History of our Hymnals

Children’s Educational Activities

  • Children In Worship The Christian Education teachers invite children ages 3-10 to participate in their Sunday morning Children in Worship Sunday School Program. The program is from 10-11 am each Sunday and will consist of the following format:
    Sing to prepare for story of God.
    Hear and watch the story.
    Read story from children’s Bible
    Respond to story with art.
    Have a simple feast.
    Prayer time.