Learning Opportunities

Christian Education is responsible for ensuring opportunity for Christian study and growth for all ages.

Adult Christian Education

  • Sunday Morning Bible Study with Pastor Jon
    Need a charge from God to start your week? Want to read the Bible but don’t know how to get started? Join Pastor as we stroll through the Bible, book by book. Each Sunday morning at 9 am we will look at a chapter from the Bible, study what it means, and ask God how to apply it to our daily lives. This Bible study will last half an hour and will be a great way for you to prepare for worship. No experience necessary. Bring your own Bible. Don’t have a Bible? Don’t worry-we have quite a few on hand.


  • Tuesday Adult Forum at Noon
    What is Liberation Theology? One of the most challenging and life-giving new ways of thinking about God is a school of Christian thought collectively called ‘liberation theology’. This movement challenges many of our assumptions about politics and religions, urges us to listen to the voices we have often left out of the conversation, and prods us to put our faith into world-changing action. Each Tuesday noon class will take place over the phone (978- 990-5000 then 283560#) and will feature biographies, challenging questions, and much discussion.Here is a list of weekly topics:
    July 07 – What is liberation theology?
    July 14 – Liberation for the poor-Gustavo Gutierrez and Leonardo Boff
    July 21 – Black Liberation Theology-Martin Luther King Jr. and James Cone
    July 28 – Women’s Liberation TheologyRosemary Ruether and Mary Daly
    August 04 – Gay Liberation Theology
  • Women’s Bible Study
    The Women’s Bible Study group meets on Tuesdays at 10 a.m.

Children’s Educational Activities

  • Children In Worship
    What is The Children in Worship Center? The following quotation from KIDZ NEWS from First Park Church in GR provides a good definition:“The children in a Worship Center are not being ‘taught’; they are being invited to participate in an experience of worship that is meaningful and real for them. It is a place that affirms children’s place in the family of God and calls upon them to experience the stories of God. It is a place that accepts children for who they are at their own level, welcoming their questions, their fears, their wondering, and their joy. It is their sanctuary.” – Mary Jersey Ackerson  The children gather for Children in Worship every Sunday during the service for a time of Bible Stories and sharing. The children also gather at different times during the month for special, fun activities such as bowling, dune rides, visits to nursing homes and even some community service. They learn a very special lesson in sharing, giving back and helping others.We are thankful for the children who have been coming to the Worship Center. We look forward to continuing to worship with them.
  • Kids Summer Worship
    During the Summer months we offer Kids Summer Worship which is much more laid back than Children In Worship. The children still hear a Bible story and have time to make a picture or put a puzzle together. If the weather is nice, the leader might take the kids outside to play.
  • Vacation Bible School
    This year Vacation Bible School was on Tuesday-Thursday evenings, July 12-14th. We’ve settled on a title “Skateboard VBS 2016”. We had a young man who is a great skateboarder, and who has a passion for sharing his faith.
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