Newaygo Congregational


Worship service every Sunday at 10 a.m.
All are welcome!

ucc newaygo church front of building
  • CalendarUpcoming Worship Services
    Services will be a combination of in-person and Zoom services.

    Here is the link: or call (312) 626-6799 then 848 6469 9096

    Those who wish to be outside may gather on the grass by the speakers, the front parking lot, or under the covered walkway. Social distancing, face masks, and bringing your own chair required.
  • Sunday Morning Bible StudyOutsiders in the Bible Phone Classes
    The Bible is full of outsiders, one who fell out of the favor of the popular people, who do not fit in and do not even bother trying. Many were rejected by their fellow country people and faced the travails of prejudice and exclusion. Yet God has a place for them in God's vision. Let us journey with some of these outcasts and discover how God's radical inclusivity can broaden our lives and challenge us to love ever more widely.

    Here is our gallery of outliers.
    May 04 -Hagar
    May 11 - Rahab
    May 18 - Esau
    May 25 - Tamar

    This is the new contact info for the Tuesday noon class. Use the Chicago phone number and Meeting ID instead of the freeconferencecall numbers. We need to fix some sound difficulties. This Zoom info will be the info needed to connect to the Tuesday noon class for the next 20 weeks.
  • Pick a Topic Sermons
    Pastor Jon would like to hear from you about which topics you would like him to featuring during his “Pick a Topic” sermons. If you have a suggestion, you can call Pastor at (231) 652-6624, put a note in the offering plate, or email him