Purpose: The purpose of maintaining an Internet presence for NCUCC is, in the following order

  • Communication for and between church members, friends and the broader community,
    including notice of events, scheduling and general comments.
  • Evangelism, including Pastoral Comments and sermons, devotionals, and other items.
  • Public Relations and Education, including links between NCUCC sites, links to UCC Internet
    materials, advertisement about NCUCC fund raising events, etc.

Types of Internet Presence: An Internet presence for NCUCC may include a website, a Facebook
page, a Google+ page and any other as may be approved in the future by Council.

Maintenance: All Internet sites for NCUCC will be maintained by the Church Secretary. The sites
will be kept up-to-date as to events, scheduling, sermons, etc. Any offensive, extraneous or
inappropriate material will be immediately removed from any NCUCC site. “Material” in this case
includes text, video, photo, and audio items.

Appropriate Material: As NCUCC sites reflect directly on the church, all material should be in direct
reference to the church, its activities and the church-related activities of members and friends. Use of
NCUCC sites for communication about personal topics and activities will be prohibited. Comments
from the general community may breach this policy, but they will be cleansed from the site(s) as
quickly as they are discovered.

Privacy: In no case will any personal information be available on any NCUCC Internet site. The only
telephone reference will be to the NCUCC office phone, and the only e-mail reference will be to the
church e-mail and the pastor’s church e-mail address. All photos involving individual members, friends
or children will not be posted until or unless there is written permission by the member, friend or
parent/guardian of the child.

These policies will be reviewed from time to time by the Secretary, Pastor and Stewardship
Commission. Revisions will be proposed to Council for approval.