Back to School

Though summer has just started, many stores will soon have Back to School sales. Many families in our county are not financially able to buy the supplies their children need. Lucky for them, our members and friends have always been willing to help out. Women’s Fellowship will provide backpacks for the supplies we bring in. Last fall about 60 filled backpacks were given to Newaygo Public Schools. We will collect supplies through the middle of August. (more…)

Pick a Topic Sermons

Pastor Jon would like to hear from you about which topics you would like him to featuring during his "Pick a Topic" sermons. If you  have a suggestion, you can call Pastor at (231) 652-6624, put a note in the offering plate, or email him at

Sunday Morning Bible Study

9:00 am -- We are continuing our reading of Nehemiah. We will also be starting our leisurely read-through of Esther. As we study that book, we will think about how it applies to our culture’s inability to have civil discourse Join us -- there is always a bible available All are welcome. Bibles provided.