Circles Poverty Program

Circles Povery Program
If you would like to help with our Community Outreach Program with money, donations of food, or help prepare food or serve, please sign the sheet in the Fellowship Hall.  We are also in need of empty containers, such as cottage cheese, margerine, Cool Whip, peanut butter jars, mayo jars, yogurt containers, or whatever you may have. We use these to put our leftover Circles Meals in for those who wish to take them home. Please bring your clean containers and put them in the box in the Fellowship Hall marked "Containers for Circles"

Pick a Topic Sermons

Pastor Jon would like to hear from you about which topics you would like him to featuring during his "Pick a Topic" sermons. If you  have a suggestion, you can call Pastor at (231) 652-6624, put a note in the offering plate, or email him at